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MAKAUT CA4 Final Notice 2022: MAKAUT has released a notification for the CA4 examination new rules in the central DVS system of the University.

The official website of MAKAUT isn’t published yet but will be published soon. MAKAUT CA4 Final Notice is also sent for college.


Organization Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT)
Exam CA4 2022
Semester 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th Semester (In detail)
Date of Exam (CA4) 16 to 31 May 2022
Status Offline
Official Website

Assessment of CA4 in central DVS system of University Notice:

The creation of a central digital assessment facility for affiliating colleges to maintain an assessment database in a systematic manner has been the intention of the University in order to take quality measures in the delivery of academics and the assessment process.

In order to achieve such a goal, one mobile application viz. ‘UCanEvaluate’ (to scan answer scripts) and a digital evaluation system (DVS) portal solution (to evaluate uploaded answer scripts) has been developed.

Before deploying such a solution in subsequent end semester examinations, this would be used during the continuous assessment (CA4) process in this current semester. To keep the process simple in the initial stage, the mode of C assessment is kept common for all courses. The following would be the steps for the central C evaluation during the even semester.

The process of CA4 Examination 2022 & MAKAUT CA4 Final Notice:

In the CA4 examination pattern will be changed. Know the Continuous Assessment (CA4) examination process -in detail below;

CA4 Questions Pattern 2022:

Though CAs are conducted through different methods to test different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and other components of OBE, the CA4 in the current semester would be conducted in pen and paper mode.

There would be 5 numbers of 1-mark questions (maximum questions could be up to 7 out of which 5 need to be answered) and 4 numbers of 5 marks questions (maximum questions could be up to 6 out of which 4 need to be answered) to make it a 25 marks assessment. Giving alternative questions (i.e. more than five 1 mark questions and more than four 5 marks questions) would be the policy decision of individual colleges/teachers.

Exam Pattern of CA4 2022:

The examination would be held at the college level as usual based on the schedule and strategies of the individual colleges. However, the schedule should be planned in such a way that evaluation in the University DVS portal could be completed within 31st May 2022.

In order to create a common scripts uploading facility, this is to be ensured that examinations are held in scripts (preferably A4 size paper or scripts normally used by the colleges) containing 8 pages (including the front page). Scanning of all 8 pages of the scripts, whether utilized by the candidates or not, is to be part of the full scripts in this examination.

Read More: MAKAUT Semester Online Exam 2022 (2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th) –Announced by Saikat Maitra

Uploading answer scripts in DVS using mobile app:

After the examinations are held, the answer scripts need to be uploaded using the mobile app viz. ‘UCanEvaluate’ is available in the Google play store. Login credentials would be provided to all the faculties who are tagged with the theory courses in the university examinations portal. After logging in, the list of enrolled students with their details against each of the courses tagged against one teacher would be available in the mobile app.

On clicking the name/ roll number of a student against a course, the scanning screen would be opened with the facility to scan and upload 8 numbers of pages (including the front page). All 8 pages of the CA4 answer scripts need to be scanned and uploaded (even if some pages are blank). There would be a provision to re-upload the script in case of any improper upload.

Evaluation of the DVS system:

Once the answer scripts are uploaded through the mobile app, they would be available in the tagged teacher’s login in the examination portal. However, before starting evaluation in the DVS, the pdf form of the question paper needs to be uploaded to the DVS system through the link available in the teacher’s login.

The answer scripts now could be evaluated in DVS and the marks entry panel would be available as per the format of the question papers explained above. Evaluators need to evaluate all the answers given by the students (including the excess answer in case of alternatives available in the question paper) and the system would take care to consider the maximum marks possible against one answer script.

Before the final submission of the scripts after evaluation, the synopsis of the evaluation would be available. The complete details of the evaluation would also be available to download in the teacher’s login.

Once all the scripts are evaluated, the marks would be automatically transferred to the CA4 submission portal and teacher need not re-upload the marks in CA4 submission portal. The evaluated scripts which not be available against the enrolled students would be considered absent for CA4.

Sharing of Assessment Data:

After the evaluation is over, the complete details of evaluation data including marks against each question would be made available in the individual teacher’s login and the complete list in the college login. The microdata would help the colleges to calculate attainment and implement OBE at the college level.

CA4 Exam Dates 2022:

The process would be made open for all teachers from 16th May 2022 and would remain open till 31st May 2022. The schedule of examinations of CA4 would be as per calendar of the individual colleges but uploading and evaluation would be done during 16 to 31 May 2022. MAKAUT CA4 Final Notice -in detail below;

Important Dates & Links for MAKAUT CA4 Final Notice:

CA4 Exam Date: 16 -31 May 2022

Official Website: Click Here

Official Notification: Download Here

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